About this White Paper

The Basics of Pre-employment Screening and Safe Hiring

“The Basics of Pre-employment Screening and Safe Hiring –
What Every Employer and HR Professional Needs to Know”

There are a great many tools, solutions, and techniques to help employers identify, recruit, attract, hire, and retain outstanding employees. However, even after going through the whole hiring process, there is one more step to take – a firm needs to make sure there is no reason NOT to hire that person.

That is why the vast majority of U.S. employers utilize pre-employment background checks. In other words, a background check does not tell an employer who to hire but is the final due diligence tool to make sure employers are not inviting a lawsuit or disaster waiting to happen.

The purpose of this white paper is to provide executives, hiring managers, and Human Resources professionals a basic high-level introduction to background screening and how it fits into the entire hiring picture.