About this White Paper


"Workplace Violence and Human Resources: A Brief Introduction"

With horrendous incidents of workplace violence back in the news, it is an opportune time for HR to explore solutions and risks in case it ever hits their workplace. Should it strike, many employers and HR professionals can find themselves unprepared for the fallout. Many employers make the mistake of thinking there is little they can do about workplace violence because it is a random and unpredictable event, or there are factors beyond their control such as who is able to obtain what type of weapon.

That is a mistake. Of course, there is no sure-fire cure to prevent all incidents of workplace violence, but employers can substantially increase their odds of avoiding or mitigating workplace violence by preparing a workplace violence prevention program. The purpose of this white paper is to provide a brief introduction to highlight the topic as well as action items HR and employers may consider. There are numerous resources and experts that can go much further in-depth for employers who want to implement a robust program to combat workplace violence.